Children's Advocacy Center

Our CAC is dedicated to supporting victims of violent crimes and preventing child abuse. We provide comprehensive assistance, coordinating and facilitating multidisciplinary team case reviews and offering essential training and information to team members.

Helpful Topics

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children and adults with autism experience differences in social communication and behavior patterns, requiring varying levels of support needs.

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Facts About Disabilities

Information surrounding disability is continually evolving. We’re collaborating with the disability community to promote equity, inclusion, and access informed by the latest research .

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Families and Caregivers

Everyone should have the proper tools and services needed to help their loved ones. We provide expert, tailored resources for families and caregivers to address their needs.

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Medical Rehabilitation

Successful rehabilitation ensues with proactive prevention, proper diagnosis and aggressive treatment. Our philosophy is that positive focus on one’s abilities, rather than disabilities, is key.

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