Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) Referral

We encourage referrals for children needing support. If you believe a child could benefit from our services, do not hesitate to refer them.

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Forensic Interviewing Services

We conduct forensic interviews of child victims and witnesses using a nationally recognized model in a child friendly environment.

Therapy Referral & Support

We arrange evidence-based therapy services and ensure accessibility regardless of the family’s financial situation.

Comprehensive Assessments

We conduct assessments and offer referrals for services to meet the needs of children and non-offending caregivers.

Medical Referral Coordination

We facilitate referrals for forensic medical exams for child victims.

Victim Advocacy Assistance

We offer victim advocacy services to support families.

Identification and Initial Response

When concerns of child abuse arise, law enforcement or child protective services bring the child to the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). We are a secure haven designed for children. Accompanied by a caregiver or other trusted adult, the child recounts their experience to a skilled interviewer who knows how to ask questions such that the child is not retraumatized.

Collaborative Decision-Making

A multidisciplanary team (MDT), including medical experts, law enforcement, mental health professionals, prosecutors, and victim advocates will convene to assess the child’s needs. THe MDT can determine the most effective course of action for the child.

Comprehensive Support Services

The CAC offers a wide range of support services. From therapy sessions to medical examinations, to courtroom preparation, every aspect of the child’s well-being and legal resource will be meticulously addressed by our dedicated team.

Our 2023 Impact


child abuse victims received services at a child advocacy center


hours of expert support was given to Mississippi’s 11 member child advocacy centers

Equal Opportunity Provider

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Mandated Reporter

Misconceptions About Child Abuse

There’s a misconception regarding child abuse and neglect, which is that it mainly occurs in lower-income areas and neighborhoods, but in reality, it could be happening in the house next door. Child abuse, neglect, and trafficking is a community issue, and although it’s a difficult subject to discuss, it’s mandatory in order to save the lives of children throughout the State of Mississippi.

Reporting Allegations

In accordance with MS. Code 43-21-353, any individual with reasonable cause to suspect that a child is being neglected, abused or trafficked, is required by law to make a verbal report immediately by telephone or otherwise. Call the MDCPS statewide intake line at 1.800.222.8000 to report all allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation anonymously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.